Fan Art Shows Us What Michael B. Jordan Would Look Like as Superman

Not long after the reports that Henry Cavill wouldn’t return to the role of Superman, it was reported that the studio was considering casting Michael B. Jordan in the role of Superman for when they decide to move forward on another film with the character.

For the most part, the fans hated the idea of Jordan in the role of Superman. But, if this is something that the studio did decided to move forward with, the movie would most likely tell the story of Kalel (Earth 23) a.k.a. Calvin Ellis or Val-Zod from (Earth 2) who are both black versions of Superman with different stories and backgrounds.

Thanks to Boss Logic, we have some fan art that shows us what Michael B. Jordan would look like as Val-Zod. Like Kal-El, Val-Zod was one of the last surviving Kryptonians after it was destroyed. In the Earth-Two timeline, he was adopted by Kal-El's parents, making the two of them brothers. 

Would you be up for a feature film adaptation of either of these characters? Or would you like to see more Superman films focused on Clark Kent?

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