Fan-Made Art Imagines STAR WARS as a Medieval Adventure!

Artist André Araújo created this fantastic piece of Star Wars fan art that reimagines some of the main characters as if they existed in the medieval times. I've always liked the concept of Star Wars being set in the middle ages. 

This isn't the first time the concept was executed. Another artist by the name of Sillof created a series of custom made Medieval Star Wars action figures, which you can check out here

When talking about his art with io9, Araújo explained that "he created the piece after reading a book on Portuguese history. He said it made sense to twist Star Wars and medieval history together, given the common themes between them." He said:

Star Wars itself is a very classic type of story— about family, love, war, good vs. evil— so it basically fits in any period. But in specific the large armies, the existence of swords, knights and princesses, for example, are direct links to medieval folklore."

I liked what he did with the character designs. It's interesting and fun to see this different interpretation of these characters. Araújo’s "Star Wars Medieval” art is available for purchase on his website.

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