Fan-Made Bootleg Style Teaser Trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

 Fan poster by  TouchboyJ-Hero

Fan poster by TouchboyJ-Hero

I was really hoping that we'd get to see our first official footage of Captain America: Civil War at Comic-Con. Unfortunately, Marvel Studios decided they weren't going to have a panel this year, which sucks. We'll eventually see some footage from the movie, but while we wait, here's a fan-made bootleg-style teaser trailer for the film you to enjoy that was created by Destination Avatar. She says:

"I'm beyond stoked for this movie, I really am and as a fan.. when I see a promo image, official concept art/fanart/trailers/tv spots, etc. the fangirl comes outa me. If you like guys this bootleg "leaked" style I might make this a thing. I tried to incorporate everything we've heard so far about the film into the trailer. It was really hard to find footage."

I thought it turned out to be a fun video. At the same time, I wish they didn't have do the whole shaky cam bootleg thing. I'd rather just watch a clean version of the fan-made trailer, because the trailer itself is rad. 

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