Fan-Made THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: THE MINISH CAP Animation Shows Studio Ghibli Needs to Make It a Movie

Thanks to a fan, we’ve seen what a potential Breath of Wild movie could look like if the great team at Studio Ghibli got their hands on the property. Now, a fan has shown what the studio could do with the handheld game The Minish Cap.

According to CB, the following 2-second animation was created by fan artist junebird24 and was shared on Reddit. Once again, it is proven that Studio Ghibli’s artistic style would be perfect for any Zelda story.

Some critics say that while visually the anime studio would be perfect, the normal storytelling from Studio Ghibli would not do well with a Zelda movie.

What do you think? Should Studio Ghibli be given the opportunity to make a Legend of Zelda film?

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