Fans are Once Again Reminded that VENOM is Not Part of the MCU


Venom will not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I know what you’re thinking, “they’ve already told us it’s not part of the MCU a dozen times.” It seems that some fans forget or don’t hear those announcements. EW recently talked about the upcoming film starring Tom Hardy and explained it thusly:

Venom is the first of Sony’s new films based on characters from the Spider-Man comics, although it’s a separate world from last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. (It’s also not part of the deal between Sony and Disney that allows Tom Holland’s Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

I know a lot of fans were hoping to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man make an appearance, but as EW points out, it’s not going to happen. I do think it’d be great if Holland did have a little cameo as some random pedestrian or something, though.

Many fans are on the fence about this one, myself included, but hopefully, Sony will be to deliver a great product. Ruben Fleischer is directing Venom which will be released October 5, 2018.

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