Fans Made the ENDGAME Posters for Various Power Rangers

I love the new posters for Avengers: Endgame, and it seems everyone else does too. While many are doing cool things with the posters, one of my favorite things is changing out the Marvel characters for Power Rangers. Over on Instagram, Aaron Coney and Heitor Lemos have been having fun with this. Coney has contributed more of these fun mash-up posters featuring the original six rangers from Mighty Morphin and then went an extra step and did the Time Force Blue and Red Rangers as well which were shared by the original actors Michael Copon and Jason Faunt respectively. Lemos’ posters show more of the actor with one being of Jason David Frank in Green Ranger gear and the latter shows Johnny Yong Bosch in his MMPR Black costume presenting his helmet. All of these posters have the tagline “Avenge the Fallen” and it honestly just makes me wish that Endgame became a big Marvel and Power Rangers crossover event.

#powerrangers #marvel design by @aaron.coney @powerrangers

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Avenge the Fallen @jdfffn #avengers #endgame

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Avenge the Fallen @johnnyyongbosch 🐸 #avengers #endgame

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