FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Will Have a Different Origin Story

The Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four reboot is done filming and slated for release next June, but we still don’t know that much about it. In fact, we hadn’t realized they had started filming until Kate Mara tweeted a photo of the team celebrating the end of shooting. Surprisingly little has leaked (they haven't even released any official photos of the cast), but Schmoes Know has some new details on the film that just might pique your interest.

First of all, addressing the outcry that accompanied news that Michael B. Jordan had been cast as Johnny Storm: Johnny and Sue Storm (Mara) are still siblings. Sue is just adopted.

Next, the group’s origin story will be a bit different than it was in the original comics and the previous movies. Instead of the mission in outer space, the group will gain their powers after a lab experiment in which they create a portal to another world or dimension goes wrong. The powers are gained from their exposure, which is more like the team's origin in the Ultimate Universe. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg has previously said that the film will be more scientifically grounded than past iterations and more like the Ultimate storyline.

In other good news, the Schmoes also claim that the movie will be VERY character driven. They used all caps like that. Kinberg has called the movie a coming of age story, so it makes sense that the focus would be on the relationships between the four and the villain, Victor von Doom, and they’ve picked the right director for that. Trank's previous film, Chronicle, told a big story by focusing on the characters, and it worked really well.

Fantastic Four also stars Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell, and you can expect it to hit screens on June 19, 2015.