Fantastic Sci-Fi Action Short - NOVR

I came across a really cool sci-fi action short for you to check out today called "NOVR." It was directed by Geoff O'Rourke and was created with a Macbook Pro, a Canon 5D, $9000 and a group of talented individuals. This team of creative people pulled off some extremely cool stuff you might be impressed by. 

The story "follows two soldiers who have destiny thrown upon them when they discover what might be humanities only hope - in a war they have already lost. A NOVR"

The short has been shown at over fourteen film festivals around the world, and it's the first of three films designed to attract the investors necessary for a feature length film. I personally think that these guys have a shot. This offers some great entertainment! They are currently developing a second installment of the film called "NOVR: Blood and Steel."

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