Fantastic Trailer and Clip For the Horror-Themed Amusement Park Animated Film ZOMBILLENIUM

I've been following the development of this cool new animated project called Zombillenium for awhile now. I've seen a few trailers and clips posted online over the past few months and it looks like a seriously fun movie! The story is set in a horror-themed amusement park full of monsters. Today we have the first English trailer and a clip for the French film and I really hope you enjoy them.

Zombillenium is a theme park that is secretly run by different kinds of monsters like zombies and vampires, and the story follows a father who wants to work at the park to make his daughter happy. The film is based on a series of comic books by Arthur de Pin, and here's the synopsis for the movie:

Nobody knows, but the Zombillenium theme park happens to be full of real monsters! When a human, Hector, threatens to disclose the true identity of the park's employees, the vampire park manager has no other choice but to hire him. Hector must escape from his zombie and werewolf co-workers to see his daughter or risk ending up as the park's prize attraction.

The whole project started with an animated short film that was released a few years ago. I included that below the trailer and clip in case you wanted to watch it.

I love the animation style and character designs of this movie. As you'll see, the creative team did an incredible job bringing this story to life. The movie was directed by Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord and I'm excited to watch it! There's no release date set yet.

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