Fantasy Flight Games Announces THE LORD OF THE RINGS: JOURNEYS IN MIDDLE-EARTH Board Game

A new, cooperative board game set in Middle-earth is on its way from Fantasy Flight Games. The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth sounds like it’ll be familiar to fans of other FF games as it seems very similar to Mansions of Madness. This means that it will be an app-supported game which means that you download an app to help tell the story of the game (and control many other aspects), but there’s a physical board and physical cards for you to use. That being said, it sounds like there are some differences.

For starters, there are two maps. You have the journey map, which is a broader map that shows you the area you’re in as you go about your quest. Then, when you need to fight some unsavory foes, you’ll use the battle map. This map is smaller and shows you the smaller, zoomed-in area where your characters and enemies are.

Another difference is that you won’t be using dice anymore in skill checks. Instead, you have a skill deck where you draw cards in order to overcome your obstacles. You can find out more about the game over on the official announcement and you can even pre-order the game. If you pre-order through Fantasy Flight, you’ll receive a bonus of five deluxe Player Mats that outline where all of your cards and decks go for each player. Are you ready to travel through Middle-earth and fight evil?

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