FantasyCon to Epically Redefine Geek Conventions

FantasyConby Joey Paur

The very first FantasyCon is coming to Salt Lake City UT. and it is looking to unleash a fury of awesomeness unlike anything you've ever experienced at any geek convention before. After having met and talked to the man who is bringing FantasyCon to life, Joshua Patel, I am here to tell you that it's going to be epic, and it looks like it will set a new standard for geek conventions. 

I couldn't be more excited about being a part of this convention and attending it. They are planning some pretty incredible stuff, and it seems like anyone that attends is going to have the time of their lives. 

I'm sure you're all wondering what is going to make FantasyCon better than any of the other conventions that we've been too, and we will be revealing certain extremely cool aspects about it up until the convention is launched on July 3rd and goes until the 5th. In the meantime, here's a description of it that gives you a great idea of what this is going to be like.

Combine Middle-earth with Hogwarts, mix in the world’s best Ren Faire, mind blowing art and a 53-foot dragon. Multiply that by 42 levels of awesomeness—welcome to FantasyCon. Join the adventure.

FantasyCon brings you the next biggest thing in fan conventions: a fully immersive, interactive experience that turns fantasy into reality and attendees into participants. More than a con, it’s a circus, a Las Vegas show, movie theater, battle arena, major theme park ride, a living dreamscape—designed and created by world-renowned fantasy artists, set designers, and professional costume and makeup artists. At FantasyCon, you’ll be surrounded by live performers, realistic battles, jugglers, magicians, professional cosplayers—and a towering, smoke-breathing dragon. Oh yeah, we also have quality dealer booths and exciting panel sessions like the other cons—if you have time to squeeze them into your action-packed weekend.

Now’s your chance to live in your fantasy world and become the hero, wizard, commander, princess, or sneaky villain you’ve always wanted to be. 

Another one of the great things about FantasyCon is that it will be affordable. One of their goals is to provide the best show possible for your money. To do that they've eliminated over 200 exhibitor booths so that they could bring fans an arena, museum, archery range, children’s area, and more. They are actually sacrificing ways to make money so that they can bring you the coolest experience ever. As much as I enjoy other Comic-Con events, they are more focused on making as much money as they can instead of making the experience better for their attendees. FantasyCon is doing the exact opposite.

Another one of the things I like about FantasyCon is the fact that they are built around charity. They are always involving themselves with different local charity events. It seems like they are doing some kind of charity event every weekend. They are using their geekdom as a way to give back to the people and help good causes.

FantasyCon is an adventure that the whole family can enjoy. If you reside in the state of Utah then this is an event you will not want to miss. It looks and sounds like it's going to be so much cooler than Salt Lake City Comic Con. Even if you don't live in Utah, and you want to get away for a geek filled adventure weekend, you might want to consider coming to this event. 

Like I said, we'll be posting a lot of cool stuff that will be featured at the convention, to show you the things you won't want to miss out on.

We want our attendees to bring their families and come visit with fantasy celebrities, dress up for cosplay and live-action roleplaying, wield swords, shoot bows, enjoy shows, explore masterworks of art, eat delicious foods, and be entertained while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Follow FantasyCon on Facebook and check out there website where you can also get tickets.

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