Female Stormtrooper Cosplay Photo

Here's a cool cosplay photo featuring a female Stormtrooper. The model is actress Stacey Bender (TK-6683) from shows such as General Hospital and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The photo comes from Movie Pilot and the photo shoot was done by Ryan Crain and Mark Edwards. This is what they said about it in a statement:

"We are thrilled to present to you our take on an imperial 'FEMTROOPER.' Our goal was to portray this character as an attractive yet strong, battle-hardened member of the Star Wars Universe."

I don't think George Lucas would have called a female Stormtrooper a "Femtrooper," but it makes me wonder if he had any woman in those Stormtrooper costumes in the original films. You can find more Star Wars Girl photos on a fan page here, which Bender is also a part of.