FilmQuest 2015 Film Festival Announces Official Selections

Movie FilmQuest by Joey Paur

FilmQuest 2015 has announced their official selections for their upcoming film festival that takes place in Salt Lake City from June 18th to June 27th. GeekTyrant has partnered up with the festival, and we will be covering the event as well and moderating some of the screenings and panels. 

We don't have a lot of details on these films yet, but as time goes on, we will fill you in with that additional information. FilmQuest is a place for aspiring filmmakers to come and show off what they've got! It will serve as a launching pad for many of them, who will hopefully go on to bigger and better things. 

The festival will also include a 30th anniversary screening of Back to the Future! It's going to be so cool to see that on the big screen again! 

The 2015 FilmQuest Festival received 1,252 film and screenplay submissions for consideration. Over a dozen judges were involved in the entire selection process, resulting in the acceptance of 255 projects (about a 20% acceptance rate) for the 2015 FilmQuest Festival. Congratulations to all the 2015 Official Selections!

Here are the offical selections: 


Back to the Future – 30th Anniversary Screening
The Dead, the Devil, and the Flesh – Spain – First known full public screening in the USA

The House at the End of Time – Venezuela, Utah Premiere
Mythica: The Darkspore – USA, World Premiere
Superbob – UK, Utah Premiere
The Fear of Darkness – Australia, Utah Premiere
The Well – USA, Utah Premiere
Portend – USA, Utah Premiere
Don’t Speak – Spain, Utah Premiere
Restoration – USA, Utah Premiere
Listening, USA, Utah Premiere
The Better Half – USA, Utah Premiere
Australiens – Australia, Utah Premiere
Fantasticherie di un Passeeggiatore Solitario – Italy, Utah Premiere

Mudbloods – USA, Utah Premiere
20 Years of Madness – USA
Man vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler – USA, Utah Premiere


Movies in Space – USA
Lifeline – USA
The Detective of Noir Town – Australia
Landscape – USA
Point of Interest – USA
Nuit Americhen – Italy
One-Minute Time Machine – USA
Dead Hearts – Canada
Downstairs – USA
Ninja Eliminator 4: The French Connection – France
Invaders – USA
Bad Guy #2 – USA
Corto – France
Low/Fi – USA
Period Piece – Canada
Sharkasaurus – Canada
Spoilt – Australia
Don’t Play with the Food – Spain
My Life is a Dream – USA
The Ramens – USA
Zugar Zombie – Columbia
Stalked – USA
Undying: A Zombie Love Story – USA
Self-Assembly – Ireland
Happy Birthday Mr. Zombie – Belgium
The Makeover – Canada
How to Kill Your Clone – USA
Artichoke’s Piranha from the Prehistoric Abyss – Spain
Grimace – USA

This is Joe – Spain
Steam Dream – USA
Change: The Sick Society – USA

Winter’s Hold – USA
Revolve – Germany
The Red Thunder – USA
Snake Eater – Germany
Missing – USA
The Fischer Case – Canada
Au Pari – Germany
Mojave Junction – USA
Moments of Clarity – USA

To the Other Side – Spain
Deliverer – USA
The Man Who Knew How to Fly – Israel
The Black Forest – Spain
The Light Thief – Bahrain
Sophie’s Fortune – UK
Fairy Knowledge – USA
Dust – USA/Japan
A Stranger Kind – UK
The Man Who Fed His Shadow – Greece
Waste Paper – USA
Thirty Pieces of Silver – Argentina
Steven Caught a Star – Netherlands
Amongst – Saudi Arabia

I Am Not Samuel Krohm – France
The Huckster – Spain
The Cure – France
Playback – USA
Point of View – Canada
TwiceBorn – USA
You Can Stay Here – USA
Telephone – USA
Devil Makes Work  – UK
Awakenings – India
The Outer Darkness – UK
Mr. Dentonn – Spain
The Peripheral – USA
American Hell – USA
Knock Knock – USA
Mrs. K – South Korea
Boniato – USA
El Gigante – Canada
Parallel – Mexico
Invectum – Canada
Patient One – USA
The Smiling Man – USA
Ink  – UK
Things That Go Bump – USA
HOME – France
Shi – Japan
Evil Mexican Child – Mexico
Hag – USA
The Box – Germany
Dystopia St. – UK
Blattaria – France
I Am Candy – Mexico
666 sq. ft. – USA
Ruby – USA
Suitor’s Kiss – USA

Felony – Greece
Helio – USA
The Great Champ Fernley – Australia
The Army Within – Australia
Phoenix – Germany
The Future Perfect – Canada
Strings – USA
The Adept – Canada
Double Trouble – Sweden
Merv – New Zealand
The Vehicle – Canada
Alekto – Switzerland
Slick Timing – Australia
Nightblind: Beneath the Alien Plains – USA
The Spaceman – USA
Bad Town – Australia


Happy Face – Spain
He Took His Skin Off For Me – UK
Total Awesome Viking Power – USA
Timmy II – USA
Awakening – UK
Love at First Height – Thailand
Ticketed – USA

Chasing Death – USA
Playing a Part – USA/Rwanda

On a High Arid Plain – USA
The Emotional Dimensions of the James River – USA
Tango – USA
Getting There – USA

The Fairies’ Child – USA
Willa – Germany
Zugzwang – USA
The Last Piper – Norway
Little Blue Tapir – Finland

Roadkill – Australia
The Listing – USA
Monster in a House – USA
3 Versos – USA
Timothy – Spain
Home – Spain
Where is Alice? – USA
Scumbag – USA
The Train – USA
Awaiting Lazarus – UK
June – USA

Drone – USA
Reaver – USA
I Remember the Future – Australia
What If… – Germany
The Rat’s Dilemma – Israel
O-Star – USA
Citizen in the Temple – USA
Doxpara – USA
Alien Communications – USA
The Original – USA


Sumer – UK
Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor – USA
The Looking Planet – USA
Lost Treasure Hunt – USA
Around the World in 80 Days – USA
Adam’s Ail – USA
After the End – UK
K.I.P, Evil’s Release – USA
IOA – Switzerland
Through the Storm – Ireland
Dinner for Few – USA
The Mill at Calder’s End – USA
Mean Teddies – USA
Devils, Angels & Dating – USA
Si Lunchai – Germany
Zerogon – USA
Religatio – Canada
Toonocalypse – UK
Switch Man – Taiwan
The Champ – Canada
Slumberless – UK
Kiko’s Paradise – Spain
Supisupiermuri – Japan
Valor Cat – USA
The Homecoming – Mexico
Sand Mother – Spain
Haunt – USA
Mirage – USA
Tick Tock – Turkey
The Distant Touch – USA
In the Tall Grass – Israel
Time Space Reflections – USA
Primordia – USA
Humanexus – USA
Mind Games – USA
A Lifestory – Spain
Dark Watch – USA
Shift – USA
Contorted – UK/Germany
Broken – Canada


Purgatory – USA
Arme – Sweden
Turn It Up – USA
Magic – France
Wrong Side of Heaven – USA
Coming Down – USA
Mer – Norway
Come With Me – USA
Touch – USA
Golden Leave – Italy
Broke My Backbone – Austria
We Come Alive – Greece
Dreamin’ – USA
Dark Lord Funk – USA
Lights Go Out – USA
Burning Now – USA
The Palace – UK
Rain Clouds – USA
When the World Ends – USA
Miss Summer – Germany
Star A Revolution – New Zealand
Entomophobia – UK
Saints – USA
The Golden Mean – USA
The Letter – USA
East – USA
Sight of the Sound – USA
Sunday Morning – France
Urn St. Tavern – Sweden
The River is Moving – USA
Top of the Game – USA
Shadows on the Ceiling – USA


Judas Goat – UK
ELBA – Napoleon’s Legacy – Italy
2020: The Series – Poland
Acting Dead – USA
Gifted Corporation – Spain
Time Keeper – USA
Monster Girls – USA
Horror Hotel: Guillotine – USA
Losers – USA


KOTOR: Broken Souls – USA
Girl of Steel – USA
Batgirl Rises – USA
Pirates of the Caribbean: On the Edge of Oblivions – France
Days of Z – USA
Legacy of the Force – USA


Jealous Explorers – Spain
Chrysler 200: The Original – USA
Chrysler 200 – USA
Centurion Resurrection – UK
The Golden Cord – USA
Jarritos – Going the Distance – USA
Hoxne: Visit Suffolk – UK
A Bottle’s Odyssey – USA “Know They’re Out There” – USA


Skybound Entertainment
The Black Box
Sum Enchanted Evening
I Am Your Father Luker
Team Nayt


SCREENPLAY FINALISTS – FEATURES (Top 30 in no particular order)
Brain Duster by Guillermo Gomez
SpyHigh by Jeff Woodard
The Thin Timeline by Rene Hendrick
3 Days on Condor Island by William Bradley
Sugar Kane by Bradford Walton
Purgatory by Guy Noland
Mr. Slice & The Oblivion by Veronica Gonzales
Hominid by Joe Toplyn
Sombra by Claire Wasmund
Reuben the Hood by Aisling Corristine
Handful of Dust by Jeffrey Stackhouse
Ardent by Joseph Ramunni
Action Orange by Daniel Martin
Clockwork Heart by Elizabeth Smith
After Ares by Hunter Hadfield
The West and the Ruthless by Lexie Trivundza
Gaia by Autumn Stapleton-Laskey
Malediction by Georgia Chioni
Geert the Elf by Stephen Stull
The Tapestry by Steven Prowse
Galapagos by Lukas Hassel
Devil’s Shadow by Neil Chase
One Luna Circle by Peter G. Gillespie
Remote by Marc Roussel
The Apocalypse Chronicles by Nathan Ludwig
Spider by Dayna Noffke
The Devil’s Hammer by Craig Walendziak
Eden’s Valley by James Christopher
Eleven Days by Jaginder Singh
The Patients of Hyde Park by Lexie Trivundza

SCREENPLAY FINALISTS – SHORTS (Top 15 in no particular oder)
Caretaker by Nathan Ludwig
A Harmless Dinner by Justin Nosler
London Town by Nikki S. Colt
About Me by Paul Gibbs
A Cup of Tea by Miriam Esther Goldman
Z-Boy and the Revenants by Kevin Walsh
Vodoun by Stuart Creque
The Giver of Secrets by Kris Theorin
Grocery Day by Kevin Walsh
Last Ride of the Carver by Eric Borden
Go in Pieces by Laura Richardson
Double Mary by J.G. Wu
Divine Intervention by Joanna Ebuwa 
Revolt by Blackwater Belle by Eric Borden
One Script Calling for Blue Highways by Carroll Brown

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