Final DIVERGENT Book Will Be Split into 2 Films


Surprise! Surprise! Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are planning to adapt the final book in Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy into two films. So instead of three films audiences will be getting four. When adapting these young adult novel series into films the studios love to split that last book up. If it's a money thing, why don't they split every book up into two films, or they can follow the example of Peter Jackson and turn one book into a full on trilogy?! 

The first film starred Shailene Woodley as a dystopian sci-fi heroine named Tris. She finds herself a target as one of few in her futuristic society who defy categorization into one of five personality-based factions. It made over $139 million world wide in the first three weeks of its release so it did well enough for the studio to want to drag it out as long as they can. 

I thought Divergent was an okay film, and I'm sure the sequels won't be any better or any worse. The sequel for the film is Insurgent, and it will be released on March 20th, 2015. The final two films Allegiant Part 1 will be released on March 18th, 2017 and Part 2 will be released on March 24th, 2017.


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