Final Season of FAIRY TAIL Officially Announced for Fall 2018


Earlier this week, Fairy Tail fans were teased by Hiro Mashima who said he’d make an announcement on April 5. Many fans figured it would be a release date for the final season of the anime, but it’s nice to have an official announcement made. Mashima made the official announcement via Twitter:

In addition, Mashima has announced two spin-off series! One of them will be a sequel to the original series. What do you think these will offer? Maybe the sequel will explore the 100-Year Quest the gang leaves on and maybe it'll finally settle if Natsu and Lucy end up together.

That’s great news for fans who haven’t seen a new episode since 2016. Especially since there's more to the manga. This also gives hope to fans of other anime like Bleach who have yet to see the last stories from the manga adapted to their anime counterparts. While we don’t have a specific date for Fairy Tail’s final season, we know it will come this fall and for many fans, that’s all they need.

If you haven’t see Fairy Tail, I recommend it to friends looking for a fun anime. Here’s a brief synopsis:

The series follows the adventures of the Celestial Spirit Mage Lucy Heartfilia after she joins the Fairy Tail Guild and teams up with Natsu Dragneel, who is searching for the Dragon Igneel.
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