Final WOLVERINE Film Will Be Rated R, and Not Because of DEADPOOL

Looks like Wolverine fans will finally get their wish. We've all talked about how badass it would be to actually see an R-rated Wolverine film where the character goes berserker unlike anything he's ever done before. Well, I'm happy to report that's exactly what Fox plans on doing with Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie. 

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, fans were treated with a teaser image featuring Wolverine flipping us the bird with his middle claw. That was the first indication that maybe, just maybe, director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman were finally going to go all-out on a Wolverine film.

Now according to THR, inside sources tell them that Wolverine 3 has been designed and planned as an R-rated film from the very beginning "because of the level of violence (and likely language) in the script written by Michael Green."

They say Deadpool didn't play a role in that decision, but I'm sure the film's massive success solidified the R-rating. Mangold starts shooting the movie this month, and it has been rumored for some time now to be based on Mark Millar's Old Man Logan comic series. 

Millar was hired by Fox as a consultant on all their Marvel comic properties, so he will be around to help guide this story in the right direction if that is what they actually plan on doing with it. Here's the story description for Old Man Logan to give you a refresher:

Nobody knows what happened on the night the heroes fell. All we know is that they disappeared and evil triumphed and the bad guys have been calling the shots ever since. What happened to Wolverine is the biggest mystery of all. For 50 years, no one has heard hide nor hair from him...and in his place stands anold man called Logan. A man concerned only about his family. A man pushed to the brink by the HULK GANG. A man forced to help an old friend--the blind archer, HAWKEYE--drive three thousand miles to secure his family's safety. 

There are obviously going to be some changes to the story. For example, Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier is rumored to be substituting for Hawkeye as Wolverine's traveling companion in the story, which is a great change that I could get behind...again, if it's true. I hope it is! 

Wolverine 3 is scheduled to hit theaters March 3rd, 2017. I'm extremely excited to see how this all shakes out!

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