The penguins from the hit animated film franchise Madagascar are getting their own spin-off movie called The Penguins of Madagascar. DreamWorks Animation has released three photos from the movie, which give us our first look at the characters. There are no plot details for the film at the moment, but it will include the four main penguin characters — Skipper, Corporal, Kowalski, and Private. I'm sure they involve themselves in some kind of crazy scheme that will get them into trouble.

The movie comes out on November 26th, 2014, and it has a great voice cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch as some kind of secret agent animal, John Malkovich as the villain, Ken Jeong, Andy Richter, and more. Maybe the fox in the image below is Cumberbatch's character.

My kids love these penguins. They are their favorite part of the Madagascar movies. I don't know what kids don't like the mischievous animals, so chances are good that this movie is going to be a huge hit.