First IT: CHAPTER 2 Footage Screened at CinemaCon and Here's What We Saw!


One of my most anticipated films of 2019 is director Andy Muschietti‘s IT: Chapter 2, which is the sequel to the 2017 horror hit IT. This movie will give us a conclusion to Stephen King’s epic story of The Losers Club as they come back together to once again battle Pennywise The Clown.

Well, Warner Bros. showed off the very first footage of the film at CinemaCon and it was everything that I hoped it would be! It was pretty damn creepy!

The first part of the footage that was screened was a lengthy clip from the film where and adult Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) returns to her childhood home in Derry. She is there looking for her father but he’s not there. Instead there’s a little old lady who lives in the house named Mrs. Kersh and she invites Beverly in for a cup of tea after teller Beverly that her father had passed away.

If you’ve read the book or you’ve seen the 1990 TV movie, you know exactly where this scene is going, but it does some very different stuff that is creepy as hell.

Beverly reluctantly goes in and once she is inside she starts looking around the house and ends up finding the old poem that Ben wrote for her on a postcard when they were kids. Once she is back in the living room sitting down with Mrs. Kersh, things start to take a nightmarish turn.

As they are talking, Mrs. Kersh says to her, “You know what they say about Derry? No one who dies here never really dies.” Then she just sits there and stares at Beverly with a blanked out stare for an uncomfortable amount of time and she starts to sweat profusely. Mrs. Kersh then get up and goes to the kitchen and Beverly starts walking around looking at photos on the wall.

Mr. Kersh sinisterly stares at her from the kitchen and starts to movie around in strange and creepy movements. We then see her in the background run across a doorway completely naked. As Beverly turns around the little old lady comes creepily running out of the kitchen toward Beverly with the camera shot from under her legs pointing up at Beverly as she runs toward her. Then the clip ends and it was such a great and horrific scene!

The whole vibe was completely unsettling. We were then treated to a bunch of quick shots from the film featuring the adult Losers Club together walking through the empty streets of Derry. At one point they walk past a giant window in a store front and as they look at their reflection, they see their younger selves.

We also get a few shots of the younger versions of the Loser Club riding their bikes together. We see Pennywise The Clown floating through the air while holding a bunch of red balloons. There’s a shot of Beverly rising up out of a vat or lake of blood. We see Bill Hader’s Richie standing beneath a giant statue of Paul Bunyan and then there is a brief clip of adult Losers Club coming together in the classic Chinese restaurant scene. We also see them return to the sewers.

Then of course, the footage wouldn’t be complete without Pennywise The Clown making an appearance to unexpectedly scare the hell out of everyone!

It looks like this sequel is going to stick pretty close to the story that King told in his book, and that gets me pumped up even more for the movie! The director really knows what he’s doing with this movie!

The cast of the film includes James McAvoy as Bill, Jessica Chastain as Beverly, Bill Hader as Richie, Jay Ryan (Beauty and the Beast) as Ben, James Ransone (Generation Kill) as Eddie, with Andy Bean (Here and Now) as Stanley Uris, and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike. The younger versions of these character are played by Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, and Jack Dylan Grazer.

The sequel is set 27 years after the Losers Club defeated Pennywise The Clown when they were kids. As they've grown up, they've forgotten about what had happened. When bad things start to happen in Derry again and kids begin to go missing, Mike Hanlon, who stayed behind in Derry to keep watch over the town, calls up his old friends and reminds them of the promise they made to come back and stop it if it ever came back.

It was previously revealed that Chapter 2 will include more of the interdimensional turtle, which was teased in the first film a few times. It will also have a much darker tone to it, and it has been said that Mike Hanlon's character will be drastically changed, as he will be a junkie. You can read more about that here.

The sequel will also most likely explore Pennywise the Clown a little more. We've heard that the sequel may include elements from Pennywise's history in Derry such as the story behind The Black Spot and there was a deleted scene from the first film that was revealed that included Pennywise eating a baby. That could be included in the sequel as well if they really do plan on giving us a history of the monster. Bill Skarsgard hopes that it will explore the twisted mind of Pennywise.

The writer of the film, Gary Dauberman, also previously teased a heartbreaking ending for the movie.

IT: Chapter 2 will hit theaters on September 6th, 2019.

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