First Look at Darth Vader in STAR WARS REBELS

Lucasfilm and Disney's Star Wars Rebels is going strong, and so far I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It was recently revealed that James Earl Jones would reprise his role of Darth Vader and provide the voice in an alternate version of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion, which is set to show on ABC on October 26th. Today we have our first look at Vader in the series thanks to David Prowse, who is the actor that actually played Vader in the costume in the original trilogy.

The photo features the character talking to The Inquisitor, who is taking orders from Vader as he hunts down the remaining Jedi to kill them. In an interview with /Film, producer Dave Filoni talked about the working relationship between Vader and the Inquisitor, explaining,

Looking at a galaxy, there were 10,000 Jedi in The Clone Wars. That number’s been diminished. How do you find them? Where do you find them? I’m sure Vader is involved in hunting down Jedi all the time. I’m sure that right after the Clone War, when the remnants are very visible and the Jedi are all trying to figure out what happened, that he was luring them into traps and wiping them out several at a time.

At the point we are, so many years later, they are so few and far between that I don’t think he would follow up every lead. Because one of the things that’s muddled the whole operation, in my mind, is kids being born that can use the Force. The Emperor and Vader don’t really want them around either. But they’re so unnoticeable, you needed a group of hunters, attack dogs. And so we have an Inquisitor that goes out and hunts these guys down.

Star Wars Rebels airs at 9pm on Mondays on Disney XD. If you haven't started watching yet, you need to!

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