First Look at the New TRANSFORMERS Series for Adults — COMBINER WARS

Last year it was announced that Hasbro was developing a new Transformers animated web series with Machinima called Transformers: Combiner Wars. The new series is being targeted to adult fans who grew up with the original series in the '80s. The show revolves around Transformers who can join and combine to transform into larger robots like Devastator and Superion. Today we have our first look at some of the characters that will be in the series, like Starscream, pictured above!

It was previously reported that the series would introduce "new lore and all-new characters that, combined with the characters fans have known for decades, will bring the Transformers storytelling in a new direction as the Machinima series will deliver raging action and signature humor to legions of Transformers fans."

So far, I'm really digging the look of the new series. Hopefully, it delivers something completely badass for the fans. You'll find images of other characters from the series such as an original character named Maxima and a female Combiner-hunter named Windblade. I can't wait to see these characters in action!

The show will be released in August on go90. Before that, though, there will be a four-episode prelude series on June 28th across go90, YouTube and Facebook.

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