First Look at Ultron in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, Plus New Story Details

Thanks to the upcoming cover of Entertainment Weekly we have our first official look at Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans geared up for Avengers: Age of Ultron and our first glimpse of the villain Ultron. That character design is so freakin' badass. The article also offers up some story details, explaining that Tony Stark will build Ultron as a tool to help save the world and to provide the rest of The Avengers some time off. Of course, things go terribly wrong. Joss Whedon says:

"Ultron sees the big picture and he goes, 'Okay, we need radical change, which will be violent and appalling, in order to make everything better'; he's not just going 'Muhaha, soon I'll rule!' He's on a mission. He wants to save us."

Downey Jr. explains the need for the Avengers downtime, saying:

“What you said about abdication is apt, but I think it’s also about recognizing limitations. The downside of self-sacrifice is that if you make it back, you’ve been out there on the spit and you’ve been turned a couple times and you feel a little burned and traumatized.”

Obviously Stark's plan doesn't work out the way he would have liked it too. Ultron wants to help the world by ridding it of human beings because they are the ones destroying it. That's not good. 

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