First Official HOBBS AND SHAW Photo Features Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham Staring Each Other Down

Dwayne Johnson has shared the first official photo from the upcoming Fast and Furious spinoff film Hobbs and Shaw. It features Johnson and Jason Statham intensely staring each other down.

There are no plot details that we can share about the film yet, but it certainly looks like these two guys are going to be at odds with each other as they team up for some kind of action-packed mission.

Johnson says that they are looking to deliver something “fresh, cool, fun and badass for the fans.”

When previously talking about the film, Statham shared some thoughts on the tone that they are going for, saying:

"We’re trying to do something that isn’t so goofy though. I know the last time she slapped me around the face and we got this little … We don’t want to take it too seriously. I’m not the director so I’m not the one controlling the tone of the movie but we want to have some meaningful stuff in it as well as the fun. At the end of the day, we want to have the laughs. We want to tear each other apart. We want to enjoy it. This has to be a ride. I guess you’ve got to have the whole package. I think Dave’s aiming for that. He wants to have the raucous laughs, the funny shit, the intense action and the great drama and the meaningful stuff. Dwayne’s got his relationship with his mother and the daughter. There’s loads of good stuff in it. I’m fucking excited."

Johnson also said that the movie is going to be more grounded than the other Fast and Furious films:

"I think it’s going to be a little bit more grounded because it’s the beginning. It’s an origin story, in a sense. It’s not an origin story, but we’re starting a franchise. So we want it to be a little bit more grounded, a little bit more character-centric. We’re going to set up the stakes for these guys and their relationship, but we’re also going to have some great set pieces and some action that you’d expect from that type of franchise."

The script for Hobbs and Shaw comes from Chris Morgan, who has worked on the Fast and Furious franchise since Tokyo Drift in 2006. Also, don't forget that Idris Elba has signed on to play the film’s villain and Vanessa Kirby is playing Shaw's sister. 

Hobbs and Shaw will hit theaters on August 2, 2019. 

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