First Photo of Harley Quinn on the Set of ARROW

Arrow fans got an awesome Harley Quinn tease in a previous episode of the series called "Suicide Squad." She made a very brief appearance and we never saw her face, but the voice was spot on perfection! It was enough to give me the goosebumps.

Thanks to Michael Rowe, who plays Deadshot in the series, we have our first real look at Harley Quinn, as portrayed by actress Cassidy Alexa. He posted the set photo above to his instagram page. From left to right in the photo we have John Diggle, Shrapnel, Lyla, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Bronze Tiger.

I would love to see more of Quinn in the series! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. In an interview with Collider, executive producer and writer Marc Guggenheim said that he only intended Harley Quinn’s cameo to be an Easter Egg to excite fans of Batman.

"She was always intended to be an Easter egg. I don’t want people to go in with incorrect expectations and walk away from Episode 16 disappointed. But there is an element to the Easter egg that was not spoiled by the promo, that I think people will find a lot of fun."

Fans sure were excited! I hope that he eventually reconsiders the whole cameo thing because I would love to see her have a bigger part in this universe. In case you missed the scene, you can watch it below.