First Photo of Matt Ryan as John Constantine in New Series

This is our first official photo of Matt Ryan as John Constantine in the upcoming NBC series based on the DC/Vertigo character. I have to say the guy looks like an asshole so he should fit the character just fine. This series is supposed to follow the comic book more closely than the movie did, so that should give fans something to look forward to. Executive producer David S. Goyer had this to say in a statement,

"I've been a fan of John Constantine since he was first introduced in 1985. This Constantine, envisioned by Neil Marshall and embodied by Matt Ryan, looks like he sprang directly from the comics’'covers. Fans old and new are going to be in for a treat."

The series also stars Lucy Griffiths as Liv, Harold Perrineau as the angel Manny, and Charles Halford as Constantine's friend Chas. The pilot is set to be directed by The Descent and Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall.