First Photos of Bruce Willis in Eli Roth's DEATH WISH Remake

Thanks to Yahoo, we have our first look at Bruce Willis in director Eli Roth's remake of Death Wish and you know what? Bruce Willis looks great in the role of Bruce Willis! Ummm, I mean... Paul Kersey. While talking to the outlet, Roth shared his thoughts on the film and Willis taking on the classic role that was originally played by Charles Bronson.

“We wanted to bring back that great, classic Bruce Willis we all know and love and just do a fun, badass update of a revered classic. I wanted to bring Bruce back to that ‘Fifth Element,’ ‘Unbreakable,’ ‘Die Hard’ glory and have him craft another iconic performance, and I really think he did it. I mean I really think this can be his ‘Taken.’ The fun is watching him go crazy and watching someone slowly move the moral goal post. What’s interesting about ‘Death Wish’ is it’s not a CIA guy who’s coming out of retirement, you know, he’s not John Wick, he’s not a professional assassin. He’s a normal guy, he’s a surgeon, he’s a dad, he’s never picked up a gun in his life.” 

I enjoyed watching the original films because they were so badass. I'm also a big fan of Bruce Willis and screenwriter Joe Carnahan, which is why a small part of me is kind of excited about seeing this remake. I'll just have to try to forget that the movie was directed by Eli Roth. 

Death Wish is set to open in theaters on November 22, 2017.

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