First Short Film from GODZILLA Director Gareth Edwards - FACTORY FARMED

In 2008, Godzilla director, Gareth Edwards, made his first short film. It's called Factory Farmed, and it was created as part of "Sci-Fi London's 48-hour Filmmaking Contest." It's kind of crazy to think that the first film that he wrote and directed was made in 48 hours. 

He ended up winning the competition, and that's what gave him the motivation to move forward with his filmmaking career. After that he made his first feature film called Monsters, which he wrote, directed, and did the special effects for. That movie turned out great. Now he's on the road of becoming one of the hottest new directors in Hollywood as he just landed a dream gig of directing a Star Wars spin-off movie for Lucasfilm!

The short has a dark and somber tone to it. There's only a few lines of dialogue, but it's a solid short film that shows the talent of a young promising director whose career is about to blow up in a way he never imagined. 

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