First Tatooine Alien Revealed in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Earlier today director J.J. Abrams shared a video announcing the creation of a charity called Star Wars: Force for Change and a chance to win a spot in Star Wars: Episode VII. If you didn't get a chance to watch that video yet, you missed something really cool — the first reveal of a non-CGI alien creature from the planet to Tatooine made a cameo appearance. 

Even though this is just a background alien character, it gives me hope that we will be seeing more costumed and puppet alien characters in the new Star Wars movie. George Lucas made a bit of a mess of things in the prequel films by filling them to the brim with CG animated characters. Abrams seems like the kind of director who would use CGI in moderation, though.

It's really cool that the director gave us a little taste of the world he's recreating for the next film in the Star Wars saga. 

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