First Trailer For The Return of Jimmy Kimmel's CRANK YANKERS

Comedy Central is bringing back Crank Yankers for a fifth season and original creators, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Daniel Kellison, have come back to develop it. Today we have the first trailer for the return of the series to share with you!

The show is set in the twisted little town of Yankerville, and is filled with puppets, and it features re-creations of actual crank phone calls. Yankerville’s puppet citizens are voiced by celebrities and stand-up comedians. In this next season, the trailer reveals that Tracy Morgan, David Allen Grier, Aubrey Plaza, Will Forte, Tiffany Haddish, Nick Kroll, Chelsea Peretti, and more will be involved.

The cable network has already ordered 20-episodes of the series and it has been updated “for a digitally driven audience, the show will now feature puppets pranking people on phones, social media, e-sport platforms, and other platforms.”

Kimmel previously had this to say in a statement:

“Crank Yankers has always been my favorite show to make. Nothing is more fun or makes me laugh harder than a great crank call and I am thrilled that Comedy Central asked us to do it again. At this time, I would like to ask all Americans to disable their caller ID. Thank you.”

You can check out the trailer below and catch the series premiere on September 25! I hope it’s as funny as it was when it originally aired!

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