First Trailers For DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special and Spin-Off CLASS

At New York Comic Con, BBC America has unveiled first look trailers for Doctor Who's upcoming Christmas special and the new spin-off series, Class. Let's take a look at them one by one.

First up is the Christmas special, titled "The Return of Doctor Mysterio." The New York-set episode involves the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) running into a superhero played by Justin Chatwin. Check out the trailer and a photo of Chatwin in costume below:

And next up, they've released the first teaser trailer for Class, the young adult-centric spin-off in which Capaldi will appear as a guest star. Though he won't be appearing in this show often, he definitely has a major impact in this trailer, as you'll see below:

I frankly don't know much about the Doctor Who universe, but both of these trailers look like fun to me. If you're a fan and want to listen to people who really know their stuff when it comes to content from this universe, you should listen to the Doctor Who-centric podcast Bad Wolf Radio over at PodTyrant. What do you all think about these trailers?

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