Five Heart-Pounding TV Spots For Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK

Prepare yourselves, because Christopher Nolan's upcoming World War II film Dunkirk is probably going to be one of the best WWII films ever made. Nolan always delivers on the films he makes and Dunkirk has been a passion project of his for years. It wasn't until recently that he felt that he was ready to make it. This very well could be his greatest cinematic achievement yet.

Today we have five TV spots for the film for you to watch. There one extended spot and four other brief promos and there's a solid amount of new footage featured in these spots as well. Each one delivers some heart-pounding intensity!

We recently saw a lengthy clip from the film at CinemaCon, the experience of which blew me away! This movie is going to take you right in the action, and show you what it felt like for these soldiers. That footage left me in awe. You can watch our reaction video of what we saw here. When talking about the film at the event, Nolan Said:

"I think people who know the story of Dunkirk, in particular, may be surprised by the intensity of the experience. It’s a very suspenseful story and we really try to do justice to that. The pacing is relentless, and the story and action scenes are extraordinarily intense. I think the lean, stripped-down nature of that, and how fast it moves, and what it puts you through in this short space of time… I think it has a different rhythm that I’ve worked in before.

"I think every kid – or certainly British kids – would love to be able to fly a Spitfire. [That was] just an extraordinary experience for me. And then to try to give the audience that same experience, we had to find a way to get giant IMAX cameras into these tiny vintage planes, and really try to be in the experience of a dogfight in a Spitfire above Dunkirk – that was remarkable. It’s an experience I will remember for my whole life.

"I don’t think anyone’s ever tried to do aerial combat the way we’ve done it and photographed it in this film. My DP, Hoyte Van Hoytema, just never gave up. When we would look at how you can’t fit a camera in the cockpit and fly the plane, we would build a special kind of snorkel lens and put the camera there. We’d work with the pilot and plane owners to really just go for it, and do as much of it for real as possible."

The movie was inspired by Operation Dynamo, which was a 1940 mission that freed over 340,000 British and Allied troops who were trapped and surrounded by the Nazis in the French city of Dunkirk. It was one of the largest organized retreats in modern military history.

The film has an incredible cast that includes Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, James D'Arcy, and Harry Styles

Dunkirk is set to open in theaters on July 21, 2017.

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