Forest Whitaker Explains How Saw Gerrera in ROGUE ONE Is Like Darth Vader

It was exciting to learn that Saw Gerrera, a character from The Clone Wars series, was going to appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and that he was being played by the great Forest Whitaker. The actor recently talked with Entertainment Weekly about his character and explained how he is like Darth Vader. 

"There are some similarities. I don’t know if I should tell you that."

If you watched The Clone Wars, then you know that the two fought against the Separatists together in the fifth season of the animated series. However, when Rogue One picks up they are very far from being on the same side. The report explains:

"Now they are sworn enemies across the galactic divide, although both are hardliners who aren’t timid about using brutal tactics in the fight to control the galaxy."

So they are both willing to do what needs to be done, and sometimes that means they will go to extreme measures. Whitaker goes on to share a few other traits that the characters have in common, and that involves the technological armor suit that Saw wears that keeps him alive:

"This is his armored suit for flight, but also for maintenance. He’s been through many conflicts and many wars, so it’s also about [repairing] some of the many injuries he’s had. He wears it all the time."

I imagine wearing a suit like Saw and Darth Vader has got to be rough. What if they get an itch and they aren't able to scratch it? That would be torture. No wonder Vader is so pissed off all the time! Whitaker goes on to talk about Saw's attitude towards the life that he has led, saying:

“I don’t think he’s regretful. I think he really believes that what he has done is right. He understands that the universe could be destroyed and worlds could be destroyed if he doesn’t succeed. And he’s one of the only people who will do everything to make sure the Imperial forces don’t.”

The actor then discusses his relationship with Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso and the lecture he gives her on the cost of zealotry:

"He’s really close to her, and they have a very powerful relationship. He’s talking about how you maybe make compromises that may harm people, or may harm the situation, or people may question it, but if you’re doing it for the good, there’s a positive thing about that. But what does it make you become? And how do you change as a person?"

Saw Gerrera is an interesting character, and I hope that he actually has a decent-sized role in the film and that it's not just a one or two scene kind of thing. Rogue One will be released on Decemeber 16th.

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