Former Han Solo Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller Developing a Comedy Series Called WE CAN DO BETTER

Phil Lord and Chris Miller has signed on to develop their first project since they were fired from Han Solo near the end of production. The project is a comedy series for ABC called We Can Do Better.

The series "revolves around a soccer mom who deals with her newly 'woke' life in the South as a parent, wife, American citizen and daughter of a hardcore conservative parents."

Apparently, the series had multiple networks bidding on it and the Disney-owned ABC ended up getting it. I guess the folks at Disney don't hate them too much after the whole Han Solo drama unfolded. 

I've got to say, the initial concept revealed of the series doesn't sound like anything interesting, but knowing how wacky and crazy Lord and Miller can get, I'm sure whatever they have planned will bring some fun entertainment. 

The script will be written and produced by Liz Cackowski, who previously worked with Lord and Miller on the great comedy series Last Man on Earth

Source: THR

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