Four Anime That I Want to Be Remade

Nostalgia can really get ya. It can have you remembering shows being way better than they actually were. The entertainment industry knows that we’re all suckers for it, though, which is why so many things these days are remakes and reboots and revivals. While I am normally one to dislike this approach, I think there are some properties that can benefit from it. For instance, look at Sailor Moon Crystal. It was an updated and more streamlined version of the classic Sailor Moon anime. I wanted to take some time to revisit some other anime that I grew up with that I absolutely loved, but when you take away the nostalgia, they’re not that great. However, if you took some time to reboot them, they could be bright gems.

Honorable Mention: Yu-Gi-Oh!

I love Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I would love for a redub of this classic card game show that is more accurate to the Japanese. Maybe a version where there are actually guns instead of people menacingly pointing their fingers. However, I say this is an honorable mention because the cheesiness of the 4Kids dub is part of its charm.


Cardcaptors was a really cool anime, but after talking to my wife about the show, I realized that we watched different shows. She watched the sub and apparently Nelvana made quite a few changes, such as the relationship between Sakura’s brother Tori (Touya in the Japanese) and Julian (Yukito). All I really want from this update is a more accurate English version.

G Gundam

G Gundam has a cool premise: Street Fighter with Gundam. Each country has a Gundam fighter to compete in a tournament, and then evil gets in the way. One of the cool things about this Gundam series is how the Gundam were piloted. Instead of sitting in a chair with controls, they put on latex motion capture suits and physically moved to fight. It was really cool. However, when you go back and visit the show, you find some really bad moments of dialogue. Just listen to this clip and sincerely tell me that is amazing writing:

Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing is my personal favorite Gundam show. It has the coolest Gundam designs in my opinion, and I love the premise of five teenagers piloting amazing mecha to save the world. Having the Gundam be anomalies in the world of Mobile Suits and more like superheroes appeals to me more than the war-driven stories of most Gundam anime. Sure, with enough Mobile Suits they can be brought down, but it’s the fact that Gundam are different – and inherently better – that I love. Plus, it forces the villains to think about how they’re going to overcome the heroes, and we get a wide variety of answers like Epyon and Vayeate. I absolutely love everything about this show, but I do recognize that the script could be improved a lot. That’s really all I would want changed though. Maybe update the animation, but the script is the key to updating this one.

Ronin Warriors

Not going to lie, Ronin Warriors is the whole reason I wanted to make this list. My brother recently found it online and shared it with me, so I started watching it and oh boy was I in for it. The acting is not the greatest, the animation is par for the course for a late ‘80s anime, and the idea is amazing. Think a male version of Sailor Moon, but instead of turning into sailors, the boys become armored samurai. Pretty awesome, right? There are five good samurai and four evil samurai, and it’s just such a cool show as long as you ignore the subpar writing and acting. I would love for Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, or even someone like Rooster Teeth to take this anime and update it. Update the animation, get better actors, and revamp the script. It needs the most help out of all the ones on my list, but I think it could really be worth it. I’d love to see the ideas behind this show more fleshed out.

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