Fox Is Airing Episodes of ALMOST HUMAN Out of Order?!


I've been on pins and needles week to week waiting on news that Almost Human, my new favorite sci-fi show, will be safe for a second season. The show, which has its flaws, has won a top spot in my heart due mainly to its setting and the awesome dynamic between Michael Ealy and Karl Urban. A couple months back I wrote an article talking about how much better the show would be if it had further pursued the long term story set up in the pilot episode from the get go as opposed to disregarding it and having "filler" episodes. Recently the show has revisited the original plot and things have gotten really good, but now I'm reading that this wasn't an issue with the show, BUT WITH FOX REARRANGING EPISODES. 

Now, I know it happens occasionally that networks switch episodes around to tease viewers or to accommodate schedule changes, but these changes are insane. Below, check out the order that the episodes aired paired with their true episode numbers to the right in parenthesis. 

  • 1 Pilot (1)
  • 2 Skin (5)
  • 3 Are you Receiving?(6)
  • 4 The Bends (7)
  • 5 Blood Brothers (8)
  • 6 Arrhythmia (3)
  • 7 Simon Says (10)
  • 8 You Are Here (2)
  • 9 Unbound (9)
  • 10 Perception (4)
  • 11 Disrupt (11)
  • 12 Beholder (12)
  • 13 Straw Man (13)

This explains why there are inconsistencies with John Kennex's urgency to discover the truth of what happened in the pilot and almost seeming nonchalant on the issue almost immediately after. Showrunner J.J. Wyman came out and said that this rearranging wouldn't be an issue for the first seven episodes, but it clearly has had an impact on the quality of the show as the rearranging is happening at a far too excessive rate. It's stupid, and as fans of the show will notice, the show would've flowed much better if they had been aired in the originally intended order. Now the show is in limbo and there is no certainty that we will get another season of this great show! Thanks to Reddit for bringing this to my attention!

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