FOX is Developing a SILVER SURFER Movie With DAREDEVIL Writer Brian K. Vaughn


Here's your big surprise of the day! Apparently, Fox has been secretly developing a Silver Surfer standalone film. Not only that, but comic book writer and one of the writers of the Daredevil series, Brian K. Vaughn is writing it! The news comes from THR, who reports:

Fox has several other "secret" projects in development, including a Silver Surfer stand-alone feature that is being written by comics creator Brian K. Vaughn. "We are going 100 miles per hour," says one executive involved.

As you know, Fox is also actively developing a Kitty Pryde movie with Tim Miller and Brian Michael Bendis, a Doctor Doom movie with Noah Hawley, a Gambit movie, and an X-Force movie with Drew Goddard

Fox obviously isn't waiting around for the whole Disney deal to close. They are full steam ahead on developing projects! One insider said:

"We actually have way more in development and production in Marvel IP than at any point in the history of the studio. There's been zero slowdown on that front given Disney."

With all of these projects in development, I imagine once the Disney and Fox deal closes they will just follow through with these projects. 

Regardless of what happens, I think it would be cool to see a Silver Surfer solo movie! I think he's an interesting character that would be fun to explore on the big screen. It's a good thing that they got a solid writer developing the script! 

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