Fox Picks Up MEN WHO KILL for Michael B. Jordan

Well, here’s some good news for those of us who have been just a little bit worried about Vince ever since Coach moved to Philly, Fox just bought a pitch that they will develop expressly as a star vehicle for Michael B. Jordan. He’s going to be ok, you guys. The project is called Men Who Kill, and it was pitched by T.J. Fixman. According to Deadline, it has an “international Bad Boys” kind of feel to it.

Although he’s been working in TV for awhile, Jordan’s breakout came with last year’s Fruitvale Station. Since then he has racked up a slew of high profile gigs, including the Fantastic Four reboot and a planned Rocky sequel, for which he will play Apollo Creed's grandson for the writer and director of Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler. His star is rising fast and doesn’t seem to have been dimmed by his participation in the widely-panned That Awkward Moment. I have been a fan of his for years now — although fans of The Wire can probably claim earlier allegiance, so I think this is boss news. Everyone should have to deal with how great he is.

Fixman cut his teeth as a video game writer but has recently sold scripts to Universal and New Line, as well as a Gargoyles script to Disney, which made our own Joey Paur very, very happy until he realized it had no connection to the animated series. Sorry, Joey. Don’t stop believin’.

Via: Deadline

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