Fox Reportedly Wants Liam Neeson as Cable in DEADPOOL, But Director Tim Miller Doesn’t

Art by Boss Logic

It was recently rumored that Kyle Chandler is wanted for the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. I think he’d be an interesting choice, but there’s another name that has surfaced that might be causing some contention between the studio and the director. 

According to Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood, Fox actually wants Liam Neeson in the role. Miller, on the other hand, doesn’t. Here's the tweet that Gonzalez posted when he was asked what star a studio wants in the role:

There's no information on who Miller wants, but if we connect the dots, he’s probably the one who wants Chandler to play the character. Neeson was never rumored to be up for the role, but he was suggested by fans. 

Here’s the thing, Miller, Ryan Reynolds, and their creative team were pretty much able to do what they felt was right for the first film, and it worked out perfectly. Now all of a sudden the studio wants to stick their hands in and tell the creative team who they think they should cast in the role?

Look, Neeson is an awesome actor who would no doubt be great as Cable. But judging from what Miller gave us the first time around, I completely trust his judgement and his vision for Deadpool 2. If he and the studio are having a disagreement on who should be cast as Cable, I hope Miller gets his way.

There’s no confirmation that any of this is true, and I was just speculating that Chandler could be Miller’s choice. Who knows, maybe the actor that lands the role will be completely different. We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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