Fox Rumored To Be Casting Three X-Force Characters For DEADPOOL 2 Post-Credits Scene

Deadpool 2 hasn't even started shooting yet, but they are already focused on casting the next film. Fox really has a lot riding on the Deadpool franchise right now. With Wolverine officially retired, and X-Men: Apocalypse not quite living up to expectations, Fox has already started working on their X-Force film, which will be coming after Deadpool 2.

According to ComicBook, Fox is looking for three different actors to play iconic X-Force characters. The roles are for Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar. The first two have easy enough story lines, while the third... well, let's just talk about these characters.

Sunspot is the first character they are looking to introduce into the post credit scene for Deadpool 2. He's the one with the red sunglasses, but you'll usually see him as a dark silhouette with fire around him. His real name is Robert DaCosta. He is a Brazilian Mutant with the ability to absorb sunlight to increase strength and create darkness around him. He can actually absorb light and use it in a variety of ways including flight, strength, shooting fire, and heat manipulation. He is one of those characters who's powers really depend on who's writing him. Currently, in the comics, he runs AIM, but not as a bad guy. He became rich, took control of AIM and used it as a heroic organization that does good. He leads his team from inside AIM headquarters. That team consists of Red Hulk, Squirrel Girl and Cannonball to name a few. He also has his own non-X-Men ties in the Marvel universe. It will be interesting to see how this character is brought to the big screen.

Feral is the second character for X-Force. She's the Wolverine wannabe with cat fur. She's a woman with the powers of a cat. Okay, fine, she's more than just a cat lady (but seriously). She has cat-like reflexes, claw-like hands, a prehensile tale and super healing powers. She's a poor man's Sabretooth. She's played around a bit in the Marvel world but never was too influential. She's currently she's dead in the comics. At least for now. As you know, people in comics are brought back to life all the time.

Lastly, is Shatterstar. He's the dude rockin' the helmet/ponytail combo. Don't get me wrong, this dude is tight. He's a wicked awesome fighter with two dual blades. They're like two swords for each hand. His power is that he can turn sonic waves into bio-energy blasts that he channels through his swords. He was trained in a space gladiator ring for an alien television host. So what makes his story line so odd? His parents are Longshot and Dazzler. Two of my favorite mutants. So that's interesting for me. Maybe they'll bring a film version of those two characters? That would be awesome. Oh wait, there's more here. He also is Longshot's father/creator... somehow. He's one of those, own grandpa things, which is cool. No hating, but kinda a weird thing to get into in a movie. But maybe they'll completely reinvent him.

All these characters are great... except feral. I mean if you're gonna have a female beast creature go with Wolfbane. She's beasty, she's feisty, and she's Irish. Plus she has way more interesting things in the comic books. Now is the fun part where people start thinking about who will be cast in the roles and then they announce it and we all pretend we knew all along. Go crazy folks.

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