Francis Ford Coppola Thinks It's a Pity George Lucas Got Absorbed in STAR WARS

I will be forever grateful to George Lucas for creating Star Wars. I honestly can't imagine a world or my life without it. I was born into a Star Wars obsessed world, and I'm sure it will still be that way when I die. 

Legendary director Franchise Ford Coppola — a friend of Lucas — recently said in an interview with Vanity Fair that he thinks the Star Wars franchise ruined Lucas as a filmmaker. Here's what he said:

"George [Lucas] is kind of a genius but I think it’s a pity he got so [absorbed in that one franchise]. I hope George isn’t offended, but the truth of the matter is that Star Wars cost us 10 new George Lucas films that would have been wonderful."

So here's a question for you... would you trade Star Wars for more original films from Lucas? I would have to say no, because here's the thing... Lucas could have always made more films if he wanted to. It's not like he only had to make Star Wars movies. He had the time and money to do whatever he wanted, and he chose not to. He chose to attach himself to Star Wars and never let go. So in a way, yes, Star Wars did cost us ten new Lucas films. 

Hell, he could make his own original movies right now if he wanted to! Especially now that he has let go of Star Wars. There are several older directors out there who are still making great movies! Steven Spielberg, George Miller, and Martin Scorsese just to name a few. I don't understand why Lucas doesn't start making awesome movies again and rebuild himself as a great visionary storyteller. We all know the talent is there, he just needs to start making films again that aren't related to Star Wars

After he sold Lucasfilm to Disney, he has said that he wanted to start making smaller films, which is how he got his start. American Graffiti is one of my favorite films! Here's the thing, though, these films would be personal projects that he doesn't plan on sharing with the world. If he does start making these films, I do hope that one day he does share them. It'd be a shame if he didn't. 

Who knows, maybe one day Lucas will announce a new original film project. If that happens, there's no doubt that fans would get excited to see it. We could still get a few wonderful films from Lucas, I just hope that's something he chooses to do. If not, then we'll never see another new George Lucas film again, and that's kind of sad. 

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