Frank Miller's SIN CITY Is Being Developed As a TV Series By UNDERWORLD Director Len Wiseman

Frank Miller's iconic comic series Sin City is getting a new adaptation, only this time it's being developed as a TV series. According to Deadline, "The intention is to be a far departure from the films, introducing original characters and timelines within the Sin City universe."

I loved what Robert Rodriguez did with the Sin City films and I'm curious to see how this series will be handled. Rodriguez brought the comics to life on the big screen with an extremely cool visual style. It makes me wonder what the visual style of the series will be.

The fresh new take on Sin City is being written by Glenn Mazzara, who was the showrunner on series such as The Shield, The Walking Dead and The Omen. Underworld director Len Wiseman has also been hired to direct the show. He's also been involved with Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer.

I'd say the series has a couple of talented individuals that could do some great things with this Sin City series! Wiseman and Mazzara will also be producers on the show with Miller and the Weinsteins. 

I kinda like the fact that these series will tell new stories with new characters. I've already read the comics and watched the films, so a series that expands on that universe is actually appealing to me. I can't wait to see how it all comes together! I'm excited about this. What do you think?

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