FREE SOLO Star Alex Honnold Awesomely Breaks Down Rock Climbing Scenes in Movies

If you’re a fan of the rock climbing documentary Free Solo and its star Alex Honnold, who climbed Yosemite’s famous El Capitan, a 3,200-foot vertical rock face… without any ropes or gear, you’ll definitely enjoy this video.

In it, Honnold breaks down some of the rock climbing scenes from films such as Mission: Impossible 2, Point Break, Star Trek V, Vertical Limit, and Cliffhanger. It’s actually very informative and entertaining to watch.

The funny thing is, out of all the films that he offers rock climbing commentary for, the scenes in Star Trek V are the most realistic! The most unrealistic are obviously the scenes in Cliffhanger.

Watch the video and let us know what some of your favorite rock climbing scenes in the movies are. Enjoy!

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