FRIDAY THE 13TH getting New Hourlong Series

Jason Voorhees has been brutally killing people on the big screen for years, but he's taking his machete with him to slash his way on to the small screen. Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Crystal Lake Entertainment have come together to produce a new hourlong dramatic series for Friday the 13th that's based on the characters and settings of Friday The 13th. 

Sean S. Cunningham, the director of the original 1980 film will serve as executive producer on the new slasher series. Bill Basso (Terminator) and Jordu Schell (Avatar) are set to write it and according to Deadline the story re-imagines "Jason in multiple time periods." It will be interesting to see what they actually mean by that, and how the idea is implemented into the series. 

The series is take place in the present day and it will focus on "the eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer, as new secrets about his wacky family are revealed. As you know the original was took place at summer camp that was closed because of the drowning of an child. A group of  counselors try to open it back up, but they start being murdered one-by-one. 

Cunningham had this to say in a statement:

"Jason Voorhees is synonymous with the genre and we plan to build on this legacy with a provocative and compelling take that expands upon the storylines that have already thrilled millions worldwide."

Horror Inc. president Robert Barsamian added:

“Expect the show to take viewers in some exciting new directions that we’re confident will not only excite existing fans of Friday The 13th but also attract new audiences to the situations and characters that inhabit the small town of Crystal Lake.”

As a huge fan of the original films, I'm actually looking forward to this. I'm more excited about this than seeing any more movies made.