Full Badass Trailer For A VIGILANTE With Olivia Wilde


You guys, this trailer for Olivia Wilde’s new movie A Vigilante is here, and it is freaking amazing. This is pretty much my dream, to be a badass vigilante that takes out abusive men on a power trip, giving them a taste of their own medicine, a la Evelyn Couch from Fried Green Tomatoes when she channels Towanda and says, “…And after I wipe out all the punks of this world, I’ll take on the wifebeaters, like Frank Bennett, and machine gun their genitals. Towanda on the Rampage!” Not that I’ve thought much on the subject… but I digress.

Wilde plays the character Sadie, “who has decided to devote herself to removing domestic abusers, using specific methods to obscure her identity and guarantee they won't return to bother their victims ever again.” The cast also includes Morgan Spector, Tonye Patano, Kyle Catlett, and C.J. Wilson. The film was written and directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson, and this is her big screen debut. The movie premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, as well as other smaller festivals since, to pretty great reviews.

Here are the poster and trailer for the film:

a vigilante poster.jpg

I’m really excited to see Wilde in such a raw and intense role. Is this a movie you’re looking forward to?

A Vigilante hits theatres on March 29, 2019.

Source: Firstshowing.net

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