Full Trailer for BAD COUNTRY with Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillon

Here’s the first full trailer for Boondock Saints franchise producer Chris Brinker’s directorial debut, Bad Country. The film stars Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon, Neal McDonough, and Amy Smart. Those are all actors I always enjoy watching — even if the films they’re in aren’t always befitting their talents. Having this group of actors together caught my eye — as did Dafoe and Dillon’s crazy '80s mustaches. I was even more intrigued after seeing the film being touted as a “backwoods gumbo noir.” Here’s some story info from DenOfGeek:

Supposedly inspired by real events, Bad Country is the tale of what happens when one detective’s (Dafoe) investigations leads to the arrest of Jesse Weiland (Dillon), a contract killer for the seedy bayou underworld. Facing life in prison and the prospect of losing his wife (Amy Smart), Jesse cuts a deal to rat on his criminal syndicate. But what always happens to the rat or their families?

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t live up to that promising premise. The acting looks stiff, the dialogue is beyond cheesy — Dillon’s lines all sound copy and pasted from other films, and the whole thing comes off like a fake SNL trailer. So, much like the Boondock Saints sequel, this is a film I’ll likely always wonder about but never bring myself to watch.

There’s no US release set for Bad Country, but apparently it will be released on DVD in Europe in March.