Full Trailer for THE SIMPSONS LEGO Episode

"Marge! Did you replace our regular mirror with a magical mirror from a mystical salesman at a weird store that if we went back to find it it wouldn't be there anymore!?"

I love The Simpsons humor. Fox has released a full trailer for their upcoming LEGO special called "Brick Like Me." This whole LEGO thing might be a gimmick to get people to tune in to watch, but it does look like it will be a decently funny episode. It looks like it was animated using the same techniques that were used to make The LEGO Movie

Homer wakes up in a world where his family and everyone in Springfield are made of Legos. Can he 'put together' how he got there, and figure out how to get home before he's stuck in a world of bricks forever? 

The episode is set to premiere on May 4th at 8pm. Will you be tuning in to watch it?

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