Fun 1960s Retro Sci-Fi Action Short - R.U.R.: GENESIS

I've got an awesome retro sci-fi short film for you to check out. It's called R.U.R.: Genesis,  and it combines past, present, and future in the style of an alternate 1969 history. This is kind of a cheesy film, but it's all part of the playful vibe. I had a lot of fun watching this, I especially loved the visual style and setting. The short was written and directed by James Kerwin, and it stars Chase Masterson who played Leeta in Deep Space Nine. Here's a little information on the story and how it came about thanks to TrekMovie:

R.U.R.: GENESIS is an indie sci-fi thriller based on some very early sci-fi stories and themes. In 1919, Czech playwright Karel Capek began work on what would become a seminal science fiction story, R.U.R.. The film was set 50 years into the future (well, 50 years into the future from the perspective of 1919, so sometime around 1969), and managed to accurately predict some key advances in biotechnology. R.U.R. has even been cited as the inspiration for Metropolis and Blade Runner, to name a few… The short takes a fresh yet faithful look at the classic work and shows us what 1969 was to 1919.

This short also serves as a teaser trailer to a full length feature film that's currently in development. Masterson had this to say about the film in a statement: 

“Stylistically, R.U.R.: GENESIS is by far the most fun of any project I’ve ever done — and that’s something that really counts for an audience. But what really sets the film apart from the vast majority of projects out there is the brilliant combination of story and timeless themes. Not many filmmakers’ work embodies both of those elements thoroughly. Whereas you found shades of black and white and gray in the noir of Yesterday Was a Lie, the colors — and issues — in the world James [Kerwin] has created for R.U.R.: GENESIS really ignite the screen. It’s sexy, powerful stuff.”

Watch the short for yourself, and let us know if it gets you excited about being a feature film.

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