Fun and Twisted Short Film - THE FANTASTIC CORPSE

I've got a really fun short film for you to watch today! It's called "The Fantastic Short," and it was made by five different directors. Each director made a different segment of the film, but what makes it really cool, is than none of the directors knew where the others would take the story. They would just continue each other's segment. It's based on what is called the "exquisite  corpse" collaborative method. 

The first director (Oren Carmi, GOLDBERG AND EISENBERG) created the first minute, and then passed on to the next filmmaker (Nacho Vigalondo, TIMECRIMES). When the third filmmaker tagged in (Jim Byrkit, COHERENCE), he was only allowed to watch what Nacho had created before making his segment. The fourth filmmaker (Matt Johnson, THE DIRTIES) could only see what the third filmmaker shot, and so on until Eugenio Mira (GRAND PIANO) completed the Fantastic Corpse.

I thought it turned out awesome, and I hope you enjoy the twistedly fun madness of it!

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