Fun Fan-Made Animated Mashup Trailer for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

When the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War came out, I’m pretty sure most of us let out a little squee. It was a great teaser to whet our appetite after waiting so long for it. I was a little over it, all this talk about it and teasing information was just a game to them. Why should I wait for Infinity War when I have Star Wars and Black Panther before it? Freaking trailer ruined everything. While I am still very excited for Black Panther, I can’t help but sit there and theorize about Infinity War and who will and won’t die or who will be resurrected (I think Tony and Steve are both dead-dead btw).

Darth Blender has taken clips from the various Marvel animated series from the 1990’s and put them together in an attempt to recreate the trailer for Infinity War. While it is not a perfect shot-for-shot, I love it. It takes the grandness of the trailer and combines it with the nostalgia I have for those very shows. The Iron Man series is what had me fall in love with Tony Stark and Rhodey in the first place. Which of the classic animated shows did you love?

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