Fun Fan-Made Trailer Pits The Avengers Against Transformers

"Assemble and Roll Out!"

If you've ever wanted to know what a movie might look like in which The Avengers battle the Transformers, ScreenRant has released a fan-made trailer bringing this crossover to life, and it's called The Avengers Vs. Transformers. There was actually a comic book crossover that Marvel published back in 2007 called New Avengers/Transformers, so this wouldn't be the first time we've seen some of the characters from these properties cross paths. This is a fun trailer, but I'd never want to see this crossover happen for real. I'm not a big fan of what Michael Bay has done with the Transformers franchise. 

Here is our epic fan made trailer showcasing Marvel's Avengers taking on the powerful characters from the Transformers franchise. There is no denying that this would be an epic battle for the ages, but, who do you think would truly win?