Fun Trailer For Sam Rockwell and Ben Schwartz's Crime Comedy BLUE IGUANA


Sam Rockwell and Ben Schwartz have teamed up for a new action crime comedy called Blue Iguana and today we have a trailer for you to check out. The two actors star as a couple of small-time crooks on parole and while working at a New York diner an English lawyer walks into their lives and offers them a "simple" job to steal a rare jewel in London. They see this as a way to change their lives but as you'd expect they find themselves in way over their head.

I'll watch anything that Sam Rockwell is in, and while this doesn't look like his best work, there's still a chance that maybe it could end up being a fun film. The movie was directed by British director Hadi Hajaig (PuritanCleanskin) and this is the synopsis:

Small time New York crooks Eddie (Sam Rockwell) and Paul (Ben Schwartz) are in over their heads when a cute London lawyer hires them to fly to London and steal a rare jewel. Meanwhile, a mullet-haired gangster wants the gem for himself. Bullets and sparks fly in this pond-hopping comedic caper.

The cast includes Phoebe FoxSimon CallowAmanda DonohoePeter Ferdinando, and Anton SaundersBlue Iguana will be released on August 24th.

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